Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Back From The Great Beyond

I stopped posting to this blog well over a year ago, for one very simple reason. It wasn't fun anymore.

For a year, I had written all the satire I could muster up. Some of it was good, some not so good (hey, I've never been a professional funnyman), but it was all pretty clearly tongue-in-cheek.

I was shocked and amazed at the number of people who took not only offense, but nasty offense at some of the things I wrote. My last post, which had to do with the World Cup soccer final last year (and the infamous Zidane head-butt), got me branded a "racist" (I believe the word they were looking for was "xenophobe", but the point was made).

All this abuse, for nothing but a small sense of accomplishment and a few complimentary comments? No thanks.

Well, the whip marks have faded and the bruises have healed, and I'm back. I don't have nearly the time to devote to this as I once did (and I'm through with that whole trolling-for-traffic-on-the-blog-promotion-sites thing), but you'll get my best ... when I feel like it.

And the fun starts up again tomorrow. But it won't be a humorous post, I'll warn you now.

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