Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Political Spectrum Is A Moebius Strip

(Welcome to Baby's First Blog. As long as I've been living and working on the Internet, I have yet to inflict my opinions on the rest of humanity, unless I have been personally there to pound the table and send the silverware flying. So, pull down your face shield, and let's start running this carcass through the meat saw:)

I have long felt that the spectrum of politics is actually a continuous loop That is, if you go far enough to the left, you actually come back out on the right. A liberal can become more and more pinko, until all of a sudden, whammo! he finds himself a Christian right-wing nutjob.

Okay, so my logical allegory has skipped a tiny step or two. My point, though, is very well validated by the current political state of the nation. I'll explain in a moment.

I have always considered myself a political moderate who leans just a bit to the left: fiscally conservative, socially liberal, and just to the left of center on foreign policy issues. In other words: Live and let live, treat everybody fairly and equally, but keep your hands off my wallet while you do so.

The problem is, the country's right wing is now controlled by "Christian" reactionary wackos. If that is now the right wing, that means that those who were formerly "conservative" are now moderate; those of us who used to be "moderate" are now liberals, and those of us who used to be "liberals" are now Amoral Heathens Who Hate Freedom.

Isn't it ironic that the people whom we used to call the "Amoral Heathens" are now (here comes my point!) ... the "Christian" reactionary wackos? I mean, think about it: these people want to stamp out free speech and free thought, want to pillage the Treasury and our natural resources for their own profit regardless of the cost to future generations, and want to make our nation a one-party dictatorship.

Umm, 'scuse me, but ... doesn't that sound like someone who Hates Freedom?

Plus, there is nothing Christian about these political "Christians". Those folks supposedly believe in the Gospels of the New Testament, in which Jesus said, "Love thy neighbor as thyself" (pretty good words to live by, even if you don't otherwise buy into the gospels). And "Judge not, lest ye be judged." And lots of other good Biblical advice that has nothing to do with religion.

Well, these "Christians" prefer to disregard Jesus' teachings. They can't wait to hate their neighbors and to judge others. (And to make a buck in the process, if at all possible -- and with Jesus, ALL things are possible!)

In other words, I put it to you, dear Reader, that those we call the Bible-beating reactionary right are actually the Marx-quoting radical left, but with different underwear. And the Pat Buchanans and Jerry Falwells and Rush Limbaughs of the world -- xenophobic hate-mongers, but generally harmless and kind of amusing to watch in a train-wreck sort of way -- are now the "mainstream" of the Republican Party. Ronald Reagan would now be considered a down-the-middle centrist. And I, the former moderate, am now a Lib, and the new right wing asks me and those like me, "Why do you hate freedom?"

So, for those of you who Hate Freedom as much as I do, here's a little ditty by Eric Idle that pretty well sums up my feelings toward the current state of the Gubmint and the president's political "base".

(Note: If you are easily offended by dirty words or free expression of one's opinions, you probably won't want to click on that link. But knowing you, you will anyway, and then you'll write me to tell me how offended you were.)

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