Sunday, February 26, 2006

Held Over ... by Popular Demand?

I blame myself.

I don't post that often (there's just no time!), and when I do, it's about some baseball announcer that the overwhelming majority of you have never heard of and don't care to know. Back when I was posting entries about German cannibals eating their own penises (complete with lots of sausage photos), this place was a-buzzin'.

Nowadays, I can't seem to bring enough interested traffic to my li'l corner of the Web to fulfill my promises to my BlogExplosion "Rent My Blog" tenant. If you were here last week, you'll notice that DebbieCakes and her "Smile If You're Lying" blog is back for a second run. That's because I was not happy with the number of people who visited her site LAST week.

The BlogExplosion blog-rental system asks bloggers to offer some of their traffic "credits" to have their thumbnail placed on another blog for a week. In selecting blogs for me to submit rental offers to, I don't care about the number of visitors that that blog had during the week. I always look at the number of unique clicks they provided to their renters. It's quite amazing, really, that someone who only sends one new visitor to a "renter" blog can demand - and GET - 100 credits or more.

My personal benchmark has been: I'll pay you three credits for every unique click (meaning, every new visitor) you send me. Not one credit more. And, fair is fair: When I rent out my blog, I insist that for every three credits the renter pays me, they get at least one unique click in return. Well, for the first time since I've been renting out that space ... it didn't happen. Debbie didn't get her FDA recommended weekly allowance of clicks.

So, I have given Debbie another week of renter-ship, essentially "on the house". "Smile If You're Lying" is GOING to get the clicks she paid for, dammit. Care to help the cause? Click here, or on her thumbnail link over there on the sidebar, and take a look at Debbie's quite entertaining blog. (PLEASE!)

Maybe you don't care about any of this (in fact, it's probably better that you don't), but you have to admit, I take my duties as a landlord seriously. (Too seriously. WAY too seriously ...)

posted by Gary @ 3:12 PM


At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Cricket said...

That's really...swell of you :) I have my first renter this week and even though I don't have anyt big promises out there or a developed reputation to maintain, I do wonder if he feels he is getting enough clicks from me. Maybe once I can actually get someone to accept my offer to rent on their blog I can see how a "pro" does it LOL

At 1:27 AM, Anonymous pie said...

I don't get the ridiculously high bids, either. I saw someone charging something like 200 credits and their history showed an average of two unique hits. It's mad, I tell you.

I actually get a pretty good number of unique clicks (anywhere from 18 to 40) for my renters, but I refuse to raise my price from 15 credits. I'm doing it to find and share some of the great blogs out there, not to see how many credits I can squeeze out of some poor sap.

That said, it's very nice of you to extend her engagement. I'm checking her out now.

At 9:31 PM, Blogger Jetting Through Life said...

WHat a great way to do business! Good idea!

Hoping you are doing well!



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