Tuesday, October 25, 2005

So You Think YOUR Job Sucks ...

Last night, the Wife and I were at the local big-box warehouse club. The name of it is unimportant, but every time I shop there, the five billionaire Walton kids get to fight over another buck of my money.

There was a man in there, dressed much nicer than the typical warehouse club employee. Shirt, tie, nice slacks. He was apparently selling video karaoke systems. I know this because he had a microphone in his hand, and was singing.

And absolutely nobody was paying any attention to him.

Had he been playing the autoharp and singing "Sureflow, Sureflow" at a medical supplies convention (there's a "Mighty Wind" reference for one or two of you), it wouldn't have been any less pathetic.

Lord, do I hope that guy was on salary ...

posted by Gary @ 1:37 PM


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