Wednesday, November 09, 2005

If I Had Something To Say, I'd Have Blogged By Now

Blogging is rough when you have nothing going on. Oh, I could blog about Scooter Libby, or Bush's plummeting approval ratings, or how the most talented player in the NFL has pretty much wrecked his career with his big mouth, or what a lying sack of steroids Rafael Palmeiro is ... but EVERYBODY is blogging about those things.

And since "Lost" is in reruns, and the Mad Angelenos are in Europe, and my few measly GOOD ideas are going to my paying gig (sorry, blog-fans), I find myself sitting in front of my computer, picking crumbs out of my belly button and trying to find something warped and humorous to say. (And how I got crumbs in my belly button, when I've been fully-dressed and without snack food all day, I dunno.)

But, since my lady is suffering from the Creeping Crud, humor is not foremost on my mind. (Shame, too, because I've conjured up some great non-sequiturs but have come up with no context in which to place them.) All I'm doing is realizing that we can either go on vacation this year, or get our pool re-plastered and re-decked, but not both. And, while a swimming pool may not increase a home's resale value, a crappy swimming pool can darn sure decrease it.

Not much of a blog this time, is it? Trust me, when I have spare flashes of brilliance, I shall share them with you. (And if anybody can recommend a good street source for flashes of brilliance -- the high-quality, pure stuff -- please let me know.)

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