Monday, August 15, 2005

Cindy Sheehan: Part Of Our Administration's Policy

If you're reading this, you're someone who draws their own conclusions regarding politics and the way of the world, rather than someone who passively swallows whatever propaganda Fox News ladles into your mouth.

In other words, you're an intellectual and a free thinker. Why do you hate America? (But I digress.)

So I'm certain you already know about Cindy Sheehan, who has spent the past ten days in a field outside our Dubya-in-Chief's Crawford, Texas ranch. (Footnote: Texas is a big state. Please don't presume that just because King George II was born here, and for some inexplicable reason was elected governor here, that he reflects the sensibilities of anyone else in Texas. Except, of course, for the oil men. And the cattle ranchers. And the bankers, and the defense contractors-- On the other hand, forget I said anything.)

(Footnote 2: But we DO have the best barbecue on the planet, and not even Bush can screw that up. Anyway ...)

Ms. Sheehan only wants a few minutes of Dubya's time to ask an admittedly-loaded question: "Why did you kill my son?" And if I were Shrub, I wouldn't want to answer that question either, because no direct answer is acceptable. But if I were Shrub, I would most definitely want to appear sympathetic to her plight. I would want her to look less sympathetic, and to defuse that, I'd give her 15 minutes of my time and get her the hell out of my face, and out of the public eye. She has publicly said that's all it would take to shut her up, so by gum, I'd swallow hard and do it.

What I wouldn't do is try to make her appear less sympathetic by having my minions attack her. But true to form, that's the tack Dubya took, and also true to form, boy, have things backfired.

And, true to form again, Bush just flat doesn't care.

We can presume that Krauthammer, Malkin, Drudge and Barnes got to their positions at the top of the right-wing ink-smeared dung heap by having some modicum of intelligence. (Footnote 3: Notice that I did not include Bill O'Reilly in that list of names. I still think the only reason O'Reilly has such a big soapbox to stand on is because he has pictures of Rupert Murdoch sharing conjugal relations with a wallaby. Intelligence has nothing to do with his popularity, and Bill O proves it every time he opens his mouth.) And with a smidgen of intelligence, one would think that to paint the mother of a soldier killed in battle -- by any definition of anyone of any political stripe, a "war hero" -- as a treasonous, anti-American political shill, would be a big mistake.

Well, as I pointed out in my previous blog entry, "mistake" is no longer in the vocabulary of the Ruling Party. If something turns out to be wrong, say it anyway. Say it loudly enough and assume it somehow becomes the truth. And that's exactly what they're doing to Cindy Sheehan.

And as of yesterday, it got worse.

Yesterday (Sunday), one of Dubya's Crawford neighbors (who also happens to be one of Ms. Sheehan's neighbors, at least until Shrub comes to his senses or goes back to Washington, whichever comes first and don't bother placing any bets) fired a shotgun during a prayer service at "Camp Casey" (named for the lost son).

Larry Mattlage told sheriff's deputies and the Secret Service, "I aint threatening nobody, and I aint pointing a gun at nobody. This is Texas." He said he fired his gun in preparation for dove-hunting season but when asked if he had another motive, he said, "Figure it out for yourself."

Oh, great ...

It's not enough that Ms. Sheehan has had to deal with the intellectual crackpots of the airwaves. Now she's got to deal with the physical crackpots, who just happen to be heavily armed. This is Texas, after all. (And because Mattlage was on his own property and fired his gun into the air, over his own property, it's entirely legal. Because it's freakin' Texas. I'm so proud.)

Now, Dubya has (as usual) backed himself into a corner. He can't meet with Ms. Sheehan now, because then he would be perceived as caving in to her demands. It would mean that he made a mistake by not visiting with her at the beginning of her vigil. And, as we have learned, George W. Bush has NEVER MADE A MISTAKE IN HIS LIFE. Just ask him.

On the other hand, if he continues to snub Ms. Sheehan, the right-wing hacks will continue to attack her. Which will make the Republican Party look even more like the party of insensitive cretins who never know when to stop piling on. Which could cost the GOP some political support, and maybe even some votes -- maybe even too many to allow the Pubs to steal another national election. Which could cost them control of Congress, or the White House, or both.
Guess which option Dubya will choose? Of course he's going to choose his usual path of arrogance, opting to save face even at the potential cost of his party's leadership role. Because Bush doesn't care; he's got his, and future generations of politicians can fend for themselves.

Ahhh ... "fend for themselves"? Do you see where my point is going?

The Dubya Administration is handling the Sheehan matter exactly the same way it has handled everything else that has crossed its path. Whether it's Alaskan oil drilling, war in Iraq, global warming, or running up the national debt (remember that? It's where all the federal budget deficits get lumped together for future collection, and gosh why don't we ever hear about that anymore?), what matters most to this president is getting what HE wants. Cindy Sheehan doesn't enter into that equation. And neither do the rest of us.

So, what about the American people whom Dubya is supposed to represent? What are we supposed to do as our nation and our planet are stripped for parts? How are we and our children supposed to survive?

Well, Bush did argue for NASA funding to send us to Mars. Now I think I've figured out why. And if we want a place for future generations to survive, it looks like we'd better get on the stick ...

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