Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I generally try to leave politics out of this blog. There are approximately three million blogs on the Web that deal with politics on a daily basis, and this isn't one of them. But today, I must allow myself to gloat just a bit.

An Austin grand jury has indicted Tom DeLay on a charge of criminal conspiracy. The (former) House Majority Leader (House rules require him to give up the leadership role while the indictment is pending) faces two years in prison for conspiracy to launder corporate political contributions.

Unlike most liberals, I'm not happy about DeLay's indictment because he's the ranking Republican in the House. I'm happy about it because Tom DeLay is a royal asshole-prick-moron-jerk who deserves all the bad karma life can throw at him.

Here is a partial list of Tommy Boy's stunts that I can name off the top of my head:

o When Houston's Metropolitan Transit Authority was seeking federal funds to build the initial phase of its new light-rail system, DeLay (whose district borders southwest Houston just outside the city limits) put language in the federal transportation bill that specifically prohibited Houston, and no other city, from using federal funds for light rail. This, after the voters of Houston had already approved a light-rail referendum at the polls.

o After the 2002 state elections gave control of the Texas Legislature to the Republicans, DeLay orchestrated the re-drawing of the state's districts for the House of Representatives. The districts were re-drawn to ensure that five Democrat congressmen would have to oppose strong Republicans for their seats. DeLay did this, even though the state had just been redistricted two years earlier according to the results of the 2000 Census.

o When the re-drawn map came up for a vote before the Texas Legislature, state Democrats fled Texas to break the quorum. DeLay asked the Justice Department and the FAA to track the Texas house speaker's private plane, so that Texas DPS officers could arrest the Democrats and bring them back to the Texas Capitol. (Fortunately, their jurisdiction ended at the state line, which is why the Dems spent the first special session in Oklahoma and the second one in New Mexico.)

o A year ago, when the possibility was first raised that DeLay could be indicted, the House Republican Conference approved a rule change that would have modified the rule requiring DeLay to give up his leadership post if the indictment came down. (Fortunately, the full House didn't go for this crap.)

o Tom DeLay was lighting up a cigar in a Washington, DC restaurant, and the waiter asked him to put it out. The waiter reminded DeLay that, being in a government building, no smoking was allowed. DeLay's response: "I am the government!"

Tom DeLay is not a nice person. And, partisan politics aside, it's nice to see a truly nasty man begin to finally get his.

I'll keep watching as his ship goes down. And gloating.

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At 8:05 PM, Blogger Victoria E said...

Hi :)

My name's Victoria E & I just surfed onto your blog from BlogExplosion. Since I'm here, checking out your thoughts, I figured I'd take the time to say hi.

Victoria E

At 1:32 AM, Blogger Brad said...

Freakin' A, buddy, great post. I knew he was a total ass, but I hadn't heard much of that (especially the cigar bit).

Well played, my good man.


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