Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Post #11, Friday 11 p.m.

First, thanks to everybody who has added such thoughtful comments to this blog, and to my mirrored blog on (You're not missing anything; the other one says exactly what this one does.) Without exception, your comments have been positive and encouraging, and I really appreciate it.

Second, I checked in with Mr. KABC about a half-hour ago. He has a guest in the first hour, so I'm probably going to come on in the second or third hour to tell him that not much is going on here. And it's not. (Lack of tragedy makes for very boring radio.)

We've had a very light, steady rain for the past hour or so. Winds are gusty but not too strong. Obviously, I still have power, and I still have a DSL connection. Rain on the west side of Houston is anticipated to be four inches or less tonight (when did "four inches of rain" become a blessing?), and although winds are probably going to kick up as Hurricane Rita makes landfall about 3 a.m., obviously we are going to get off extremely easily.

One bit of somewhat hurricane-related news is that a fire has sparked in Galveston's historic Strand district. The winds in Galveston are much stronger than they are up here in Houston, and the burning embers are flying all over the place, threatening other historic buildings. Developing story. Galveston is obviously going to fare a lot worse than Houston will.

Back after the update on KABC ...

posted by Gary @ 11:04 PM


At 12:17 AM, Blogger Merujo said...

I'm glad that you are safe and well. It's a pleasure to hear you on with Mr. KABC. Nice to put a voice with the face.

- Merujo


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