Monday, September 26, 2005

Mundane Musings On A Monday

It's hot here. VERY hot. You'd think the hurricane would have cooled things off a bit, but no.

Yesterday it got up to 101 degrees. With the 51 percent humidity (yep, Houston's mugginess factor is on the rise again), that meant it felt like 121.

When it's too hot to go swimming, you KNOW it's too freaking hot. (Did anybody remember to remind God it's September?)

So now, we're getting heat advisories from the National Weather Service. Personally, I've heard quite enough from the NWS during the past week. Wonder if I could persuade them to take a couple of weeks' vacation, and to turn the air conditioning up before they go?

Not to fear. In a week I'll be arriving in Los Angeles, where it's currently a nice, comfortable 74 degrees. Since for the last week I've been "Hurricane Boy", I'm half-expecting an earthquake to hit while I'm there. That would dovetail nicely with the way this month has been for me so far.

(You think Mr. KABC would put me back on the radio to report on an earthquake?)

* * *

Okay, so I know that's not much of a blog entry. I'm decompressing. I used up all of my creativity during the hurricane. Bear with me until my stress level ramps back up. Knowing me, it shouldn't take long.

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